Put Linear in your pocket

Changes is a fast and native iOS app for Linear. Create issues, track projects, post comments, and more — all from your phone.

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    The build quality you expect from Linear with a familiar iOS design

    app screenshot

    Create and edit issues

    Track bugs when they happen and update your issues on the go

    app screenshot

    Keep projects on track

    View project progress and updates

    app screenshot

    Post and reply to comments

    Ask why issues are taking so long to complete

    The best parts of Linear, optimized for iPhone and iPad

    • Securely login with Linear

      No more web apps logging you out.

    • Star your favorite issues

      Add issues to your favorites to keep track of them across Changes and Linear desktop.

    • Track project updates

      Project updates are a lightweight way of keeping others in sync with what's going on.

    • Get your current cycle updated

      Fix those issues you forgot to set as complete.

    • Parent and sub-issues

      Link issues together as parent and sub-issues.

    • Customize your app appearance

      Over 15 app icons, different colored themes, font choices, and more.

    You already love Linear

    Now take it to your phone with Changes

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have anything else you want to ask, send an email.

      • Do you have access to my Linear data?

        Changes connects directly to Linear through their API, so your data never passes through Changes servers. Read the Changes Privacy Policy for more info.

      • Is this an official Linear app?

        No, Changes is made by Brett Bauman.

      • How can I manage my subscription?

        If you subscribed on web you can manage or cancel your subscription at this link. Otherwise, go to the Settings app on iOS to manage your subscription.